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Private Air Charter options within 10,000 private aircraft & 40,000 destinations

International air travel should be a timely, efficient, and a relaxing experience for all the passengers.  For some there is also the need to remain in control of a schedule that could change at any time. Those for whom time, security, and flexibility are of the essence fly privately in order to fulfill these objectives.

The Villiers network aggregates over 10,000 private aircraft across 40,000 destinations worldwide, directly connecting you with the best private jet charter prices available from across the market.  Access the lowest prices from the largest global network of private aircraft, and benefit from the round-the-clock service & advice provided by their team of charter experts prior to booking.  

With no queues and no delays, with private VIP terminals and unparalleled flexibility you will save you hours, giving you more time to spend on the ground at your destination with the people you need to see. 

Safety is of course of paramount importance. Villiers work only with ARG/US certified operators so you are guaranteed industry leading safety every time you fly.

You can share a private jet charter by the seat, or if you are the primary charterer, offset the cost of your flight by offering any unused capacity to other Villiers members.  There are no membership fees, just dedicated personal service.

Charter your private aircraft via text with direct access to your dedicated agent via a telephone number for your exclusive use. Your dedicated agent will deal with your exact requirement efficiently and without the need for an account number.  With real-time quotes, the largest global network of private aircraft, and direct operator pricing, Villiers makes it easier than ever before to access the most competitive private jet charter prices in one place.

The Villiers network takes all of the hard work out of planning your next flight – whether it’s to find the winter sun in the Caribbean, for heli-skiing in Switzerland, or for a business trip to Hong Kong.

Use the link below or above this video to search for a flight that suits your requirements and to see what empty leg seats are available to book now.

11 Advantages of Private Air Charter

The are numerous advantages to private air charter, some of which you’ve probably considered and others that may be new to you. Here’s a list of eleven.

  1. Private aircraft charter saves time. If there’s one single reason why private aircraft charter is so desirable it’s the time it saves. We all know we can’t create more time but we can spend what we have more economically and efficiently. For the frequent traveller private aircraft charter saves significant chunks of time over the course of a year.
  1. Private aviation is more flexible. You set the times for you departure and consequently your arrival. You have the option to change your mind at short notice as your needs and plans change.
  1. Private aviation is so much more comfortable. There is no comfort quite like flying in a private jet. There is ample space in which to hold meetings, do some creative work, or simple recharge your batteries.
  1. Private aviation creates a high level of privacy. The interior of your aircraft becomes your flying office. The only other person you’re likely to see apart from the air crew is the VIP Flight Attendant on medium to large private jets.
  1. Private air charter is very convenient for time sensitive people. You can fly from smaller, quieter, airfields that are closer to your points of departure and destination. You breeze through customs and security checks at short notice.
  1. Private aviation is surprisingly affordable. Frequent trips in First or Business Class can amount to a sizeable expenditure each year. Compare that cost with the time saved and the flexibility of private air charters and you may be surprised by the result.
  1. Private aviation is safe and secure. Private aircraft have an exemplary safety record. They are often crewed and maintained by dedicated teams. Air and Cabin Crew are carefully selected after thorough and detailed recruitment processes.
  1. Private flying provides a new level of quality. Let’s face it, the entire experience from start to finish is all about quality. Quality of time and quality of service. And this will not go unnoticed by your clients and contacts.
  2. Private flying takes the stress out of air travel. Short on time, deadlines to meet, delays and frustrations. Relax in the ample space of a private jet. Be assured that you’ll arrive on time and refreshed, ready for the next event.
  1. Private air charter includes top of the range cuisine options. With private aviation you can specify your own dietary and nutritional requirements. Whether it’s a burger and a beer or fine dining with appropriate wines, the choice is yours to make.
  1. And the pets come too. Finally, private aviation allows you to travel with your pets. No more confinement in the hold, your pet flies with you in the luxurious cabin.
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